Residential Heating Services in Union and Essex County, NJ

Hand adjusting thermostat valve — ventilation in Newark, NJ
Let Essex Oil Co. near Newark, NJ, keep you warm throughout the winter! When the weather starts to turn cold, you want a reliable heating system to keep you and your family snug and comfortable.
Essex Oil Co. provides regular maintenance to keep your heating system clean and working properly. We also offer heating repairs and installations of new heating systems. With over 80 years of experience and a staff that is always training on the latest technologies, we have the experience and the know-how to service and install various heating systems.


Boilers provide central heat to a home, using hot water rather than hot air to warm your rooms. Essex Oil Co. installs Peerless boilers for your dependable home heating and comfort. These hydronic systems are powered by either natural gas or heating oil, and are clean burning. Need a new boiler for your home or building, or looking to service your existing boiler? Call our technicians today at 973-372-7700.
Peerless Boilers - Heating in Essex and Union County, NJ


Many homes rely on a central furnace for heat. This system uses fuel oil to heat air, then blow the warm air through your air ducts to provide warmth to every room in the house. These systems are often reliable, but have plenty of parts that could malfunction and cause your heat to stop working. Let Essex Oil Co. take a look at your furnace today.

Water Heaters

Are you running out of hot water too fast? Is your water heater leaking or not heating? Our technicians service and install water heaters throughout Union and Essex counties. Essex Oil Co. proudly offers A. O. Smith water heaters for your home, but is skilled in servicing all models of water heaters.
Call 973-372-7700 today to turn the heat up!